Vincotto di Fichi

Figs sauce (Vincotto)

The fig vincotto is one of the oldest products of the Apulian tradition, this product in particular was chosen for its high quality and for the use of manual and traditional techniques. Production is limited.


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GMO Free
Handmade product
Water e figs
Gluten Free
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Vincotto di Fichi

Cotto Di Fichi, A New Way To Say Puglia

Year after year recurs the traditional balance between Nature and human’s ancient Arts. This the way how is made one of the symbols of Apulian Culinary Tradition, the Cotto di Fichi, the Figs Sauce, able time by time to remind us old feelings that keep warm hearts and greed. We just said it is the balance between Nature and Tradition: in fact the intense richness of Autumn’s avours is combined to the Typical Christmas sweets. The ancient mastery which it’s made of, allows the Cotto di Fichi to try the newest combination with Fushion Cuisine, great expression of typical dishes renewed and exalted by di erent ingredients. The base ingredients are gs, water and sugar but other important components to make it are Time, Patience and Passion....

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