Carciofi con gambo alla crudaiola

Artichokes with stem without oil

Good to taste and beautiful to look at, these natural stemmed artichokes are ideal for creating a choreographic Italian-style appetizer. You can enjoy them every day as an accompaniment to meat or fish dishes, or even open them at the right time, on the occasion of the arrival of guests or to decorate some particularly elegant dish.

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Origin area
Lecce / Salento
GMO Free
Handmade product
Preservatives used
Organic farming
340 gr
Carciofi 60%, Acqua, Aceto Di Vino, Succo Di Limone, Sale.
Suitable for
Short production line / 0 Km
Laterradipuglia Conserve

This variety is called “brindisino” and is autochthon of our area.
This kind of artichokes can only be cultivated taking small
plants from an already existent plantation. The cultivation
starts in the beginning of October and the picking in the
month of March. In the first picking, artichokes are cut with
the whole stem. The fresh artichokes end their working process
within eight hours of being picked. We remove the leaves and
we turn it by hand with a small knife. Then it is lightly scalded
and is put in extra-fine-olive-oil and sunflower-oil.
These artichokes with stem are particularly nice at sight. Use
them for an elegant hors-d’oeuvre or on a pizza. If sautéed,
they can enrich a warm dish. Our grandmothers used to bring
them on table in special occasion. Try them: You will taste all
the flavor of these natural and crackling artichokes!

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