Handmade Potatoes and Rosemary Taralli

Handmade Potatoes and Rosemary Taralli

If the desire for Apulian taralli is felt today but you also want to try a new and original combination and flavor, we recommend you try the potato and rosemary taralli from La Terra di Puglia. A classic but by no means obvious combination, which brings to the table all the desire for fragrance but also for flavors that evoke and remember the Sundays spent with the family at the grandparents' house. They are simple but Italian flavours, which speak the language of the family and of being together in harmony. The flavors that La Terra di Puglia loves.


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Origin area
Lecce / Salento
GMO Free
Handmade product
300 gr
Contains sulfites
TYPE 00 WHEAT FLOUR, white WINE, high oleic sunflower oil, extra virgin olive oil 6%, salt, potato flakes 5%, rosemary 0.2%
Nutritional info
Short production line / 0 Km
Laterradipuglia Taralli

Taralli from Puglia with potatoes and rosemary

The Apulian taralli with potatoes and rosemary already bring us back to the first taste of the flavors of our childhood and Sundays with the family. There wasn't a Sunday, in fact, in which the family didn't get together in the kitchen of the house. More generations under the same roof to tell stories, anecdotes and events, to cook and eat together. And the flavors were just what La Terra di Puglia loves like never before: the classic flavors of traditional dishes and typical Apulian products.

Baked pasta, roast, baked potatoes. Those potatoes baked in wedges with lots of rosemary picked from your own garden a few moments before. As usual in Puglia, where the garden is also an inexhaustible source of spontaneous, aromatic and edible herbs.

And therefore La Terra di Puglia chooses tarallino to expertly combine the tradition of the great Apulian baked goods with the memory of the flavors that marked our childhood. A decidedly successful "experiment", as these Apulian taralli with potatoes and rosemary are very welcome to our customers who do not hesitate to contact us periodically to order more.

Why potatoes and rosemary?

You may wonder what potatoes have to do with Puglia: well, you must know that Puglia is also a land of potatoes, which grow and ripen to perfection only a few months a year. An excellent product that allows us to prepare these delicious tarallini with the addition of the best Apulian rosemary. Did you know? Rosemary in Puglia also grows spontaneously close to dry-stone walls or along the sea. And there, imbued with the sea breeze and salinity, it acquires an aroma that is difficult to replicate or find elsewhere.

And here the best Apulian potatoes, properly browned with a drop of the best Apulian extra virgin olive oil and flavored with a few needles of fresh rosemary, become the protagonists of these artisanal Apulian taralli.

We produce them with care and love, by hand, one by one. The process is the classic one, of boiled taralli and sautéed in the oven: the outcome, which you will confirm.

The Land of Puglia: Apulian authenticity in the round

The Terra di Puglia was born with the aim of bringing emotions to the tables of those who taste and enjoy its products. The emotions of a time gone by which is nevertheless nice to keep alive and recover day after day even in small gestures. Knead, clean, cut, collect, are simple gestures that convey an ancient and unique wisdom, typical of peasant civilization. Unforgotten gestures, rituals capable of preserving raw materials in all their goodness and allowing us to bring them to your tables better than ever.

They are the flavors of the family, the ones that bring us back to the happy moments spent with those who are perhaps no longer close to us today. This is why the typical Apulian products with the La Terra di Puglia brand are wonderfully good and greedy. Because they tell the stories that we like to tell and listen to with you.

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