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Short production lines with all
stages performed “in house”

Manually prepared and 100% Italian

Vegetables dried in the sun

Produced without preservatives

Flavours are authentic, not

Excellent value

Like our vegetables need time, sun, water and great care to grow and to come to the right grade of maturation, in the same way our farm has budded and flourished year after year in the last 30 years. Our grandfathers, our fathers, the women of our family have given body and soul to the care of our land and its fruits. Their hardworking hands and their devotion have permitted us to grow up loving our sun and our red land, learning that is important to improve ourselves and the surrounding landscape.

To produce as we do, let us say it, it is necessary to be a little bit agriculturist, a little bit artisan and a little bit artist. Every time we create a new product, we stop to imagine which sensation we want to offer to our clients, which surprise we want to give them and, which is the best taste to use in order to leave a long memory of our wonderful place.

Our farm is always opened to the public. With us people can discover and learn the art of cultivation, of the picking and the conservation of the vegetables. Touristic destination and meeting-place, “iContadini“ is not only a brand but a way to choose a daily quality.

The cultivation

Our farm is situated in Apulia, in one of the most fertile area in fact of cultivation of vegetables. We are exactly in Salento, the so-called “ land of the sun, of the sea, of the wind”. The particular weather condition of this strip of land, kissed by the sun nearly all year round, the composition of the soil and the benevolent influence of the sea make it possible to get unique products. The cultivation is directly put into practice by our farm. We follow all the phases, using the integrated production technique, on more than twenty-five hectares of greens in open field.

The picking

That of the picking is a very important moment because, it rewards all the work done during the cultivation and gives great satisfaction in seeing the plants given their fruits. Our skilled staff picks the vegetables by hand selecting them on the field. After that, greens are put in cases of maximum 23 Kg to avoid damages and immediately transported to the factory to be processed fresh.

The working process

Our vegetables are naturally dried under the strong sun of Salento, preserving in them all the organoleptic and nourishing qualities. The sun-drying technique is an ancient art that, even though it is delicate and difficult, allows to obtain an absolute unique result: softness of the pulp, preservation of vitamins, proteins and minerals, and a special harmonic flavour which is far more recognizable. The salting determines the good end result of the desiccation, that’s why we still do it manually. All the processing phases regarding tomatoes, artichokes, cime di rapa, lampascioni and other greens are followed by the diligent and experienced hands of our southern country-women.

The packaging

The last phase is the bottling of the greens, where no preservatives are added to the food. The confection is directly done in our factory. It is still effected with masterly skill and great care by the hands of our country-women, who follow step by step the good result of our traditional recipes. Our grandmothers used to lay in stores for the winter many of the home-made food prepared during the summer time. The safety rules and the protection of the quality of our products are always respected. We do our best in order to bring on your table all the care and the love we put in making our products.

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Country style mixed vegetables pate

In this all-dressing you will find all the greens cultivated in
open field in our farm from April to May and which are picked
by hand from June to September. The vegetables are naturally
dried in the sun and then worked by hand from our women.

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Cherry peppers stuffed with Mediterranean tuna fish

The cherry-peppers have a round shape. They are cultivated
in the month of May and are picked by hand in the end of
August, when they are completely red.

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Caponata salad

The Vegetable Caponatina is a delicious mix of mixed vegetables and typical Mediterranean vegetables: courgettes, peppers, tomatoes, aubergines, yellow peppers and onions, enriched with capers, olives and delicious Mediterranean aromatic herbs. This culinary delicacy is ready to bring an authentic moment of celebration to the table. Let yourself be conquered by the explosion of flavors and aromas of this magnificent dish, perfect for enriching any meal. Try it on bruschetta, as a condiment for pasta or as an accompaniment in a gourmet appetizer. Caponata di Verdure is the perfect choice for lovers of Mediterranean cuisine who wish to experiment with new flavors and new tastes to play in the kitchen under the sign of authentic Apulian quality signed by La Terra di Puglia.

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Sun-dried cherry tomatoes

The Cherry tomatoes are cultivated in April and are picked
by hand in the month of July. All the phases are processed
inside our factory. The tomatoes are picked, washed, selected,
manually cut, salted and desiccated in the sun for 4-5 days on
wood frames.

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Sun-dried zucchini

We cultivate the zucchini in open field in the month of April
and we pick them up by hand in June and July. Then they are
washed, selected, cut into slice with all the peel, salted and
desiccated on frames in the sun for 3-4 days.

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