Purèes and sauces

A selection of sauces rigorously produced in Salento to bring you all the taste and fragrance of this beautiful land kissed by the sun between the Ionian and Adriatic seas. Sauces made of fresh tomatoes, ready made for your pasta, delicious mixtures, all of them produced with products cultivated, selected and worked with our own hands.

Apulian purèe and sauce, artisan and organic

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Home made tomato sauce Datterino

The datterino sweet passata is a rustic and dense artisan pass,. It is very pulpy and goes well with regional dishes. Excellent with homemade pasta. Bottle format 250gr.

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Datterino tomato sauce

Intense red, inviting, beautiful to look at and excellent to taste with imagination, the red tomato sauce is the right mix between Apulian tomato sauce and peeled sauced tomatoes. An irresistible texture!

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Sweet tomato puree Fiaschetto

A delicious Fiaschetto tomato puree, with an intense red color, pleasantly sweet flavor and medium consistency. Perfect for giving life to stewed dishes and first courses with a typical Mediterranean flair, it will satisfy even the most demanding palates. Processed close to the tomato harvest, this puree is bottled without adding any preservatives.

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Sugo artigianale alle olive celline Sugo artigianale alle olive celline
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Ready made tomato sauce with “Celline” olives

Wherever you go, the landscape of Salento is graced with
Cellina-olive trees. Their fruits are not only used to obtain
an excellent Apulian oil but are also a great tit-bit. We use
them (unstoned) in this tomato sauce.

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Yellow cherry tomato sauce

Delicious, rounded, sweet and inviting yellow cherry tomatoes dipped in their own thick and creamy sauce. A perfect product to bring the sun of Puglia to the table!

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YELLOW tomato sauce 420gr

A delicious and very delicate wholly organic yellow datterino tomato sauce. Perfect for your gourmet dishes or for your pairings with fish.

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Hanging yellow tomato puree

A puree with an intense yellow color and the unmistakable flavor of winter tomatoes, able to tell us, taste after taste, the story of an Puglia whose gastronomic roots lie in a distant past made of authentic flavors.

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Succo di pomodoro Demeter Succo di pomodoro Demeter sale
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Organic Tomato Juice

Organic Tomato Juice: all the essence of Italy in one glass!

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Fish sauce with sea bass Fish sauce with sea bass sale
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Fish sauce with sea bass

A delicious fish sauce based on sea bass and fresh tomato, very fragrant of the sea and healthy for the whole family. 41% of sea bass, while the normal sauces you find around do not even reach 7%.

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Degustazione passate artigianali Degustazione passate artigianali
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Tasting and tasting of artisan pastes

We have prepared this BOX complete with all our past that can help you later in choosing the most ideal for your family. So, try this tomato sauce tasting and get ready to take a gustatory journey into the magical world of the Apulian tomato.

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Ketchup pugliese Giallo Ketchup pugliese Giallo sale
  • -6%

Apulian Yellow Ketchup

Did someone say ketchup? The version that we propose here is very original and all Apulian. A gourmet proposal that will satisfy lovers of the famous American sauce, with very simple and completely natural ingredients. Ready to prepare your gourmet fries with a drop of Apulian ketchup? We assure you that once tasted, this ketchup will never be missing in the pantry.

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Sea bream in yellow, fish sauce with sea bream Sea bream in yellow, fish sauce with sea bream sale
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Sea bream in yellow, fish sauce with sea bream

A fresh and healthy fish sauce made with excellent fresh sea bream and yellow tomato sauce. A tasty and tasty combination suitable for the whole family when you want a healthy but quick first course of fish. 41% of sea bream fish, while the normal sauces you find around do not even reach 7%.

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